Saxophonist Joel Press is a versatile musician who has performed with such diverse players as pianist Jaki Byard, bassist Jimmy Garrison of the John Coltrane Quartet, vocalist Sheila Jordan and Duke Ellington’s ubiquitous cornetist/ violinist/ vocalist Ray Nance.

In an age of retro preoccupation by younger players, Joel Press speaks the language of swing based, post-World War II jazz in as singular a fashion as any living saxophonist. He has been listening to this music all of his life, and playing it for more than half a century. 

A native New Yorker, Joel Press relocated to Boston in the late 70s, returning to the city in 2009 to begin a jazz Masters Residency at Smalls jazz Club. He has composed 20 scores for dance and film through artist’s commissions and a grant from MEET THE COMPOSER. He has performed in Europe, Asia Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean.